Evidence That We Shouldn't Be Allowed To Have A Child?

Exhibit A:
Once upon a time Tye and I had a kitty named Ninja. She REEEEEAAAALLLLYY hated going anywhere in the car. Not that we took her anywhere, just the occasional trip to the vet. Every time we put her in the car she started doing this bawling/moaning thing that made me wish I were being mauled by a bear rather than listening to the Ninja song.
So when we moved from Missouri to Utah we had the pleasure of listening to that noise for about 7 hours before we stopped for gas just outside Tulsa, OK. While Tye pumped gas I put this harness/leash thing on Ninja and took her over by a wooded area so she could do her thing. She hated the harness almost as much as the car and was spazzing out, flopping around on the ground trying to figure out how to get out of the harness. She ended up getting one leg out which made it so her other front leg was trapped up next to her head, like she was doing the Heil Hitler thing, and trying to walk on 3 legs. It was awesome.
Then i realized that I had put the harness on upside down so I grabbed her and unclipped it to try to spin it around. As soon as I unclipped it, she totally went insane scratching and clawing and trying to get away from me. She shot out of my arms and ran into the woods. Tye and I ended up traipsing through the woods forever calling for her and searching everywhere but she would NOT come out. Eventually we gave up looking and got back on the road...without our kitty. It was super sad but we didn't know what else to do. When we stopped later, I posted an ad for her on the Tulsa Craigslist. Check out the responses I got:

People are so awesome. Even though Ninja never turned up we choose to believe she is in a happy new home on a farm in Oklahoma where she hunts and destroys rabbits all day.
We choose NOT to believe that she spent the night in the cold rain before becoming a snack for a coyote.


k8theriver said...

wow. people are awesome. we've done worse things to our cats (unintentionally, of course).

Sean and Kristina Kelly said...

Ha! When we moved from St. Louis to Colorado, we had our cats and dis the same thing with the leash. I was so worried I would lose one of them when we stopped for gas, that I eventually nixed the whole leash thing and put a litter box in my backseat. So, they made it safe and sound to Colorado, but I still had to get rid of them 2 mos later when we moved to the West Indies :(