worth waiting 9 months for???

Things that may or may not be worth waiting 9 months for:
1. a baby (remains to be seen)
2. Final season of Lost (I'm leaning toward, Yes, Worth the Wait but reserving judgment till I find out if Sayid is really evil now and what the heck Desmond is up to. And if Flocke/Black Smoke/Tikka tikka will get his way. And who will be the next Jacob. And a bunch of other stuff.)
3. a new post on my blog!! (see "back rub" post below and judge for yourself)

Excuses why it has taken me months to post 2 paragraphs and a few pictures:
1. Posting requires writing complete sentences and I have a bad case of Placenta Brain so I can't even formulate a complete thought let alone hold it for long enough to write it down. I could have posted some pictures but...
2. My brother borrowed my camera for a few weeks and it was stolen out of his truck along with 4G of SD cards full of pictures. So I don't have any current pics to post.
3. my External hard drive burned up, taking with it thousands of pictures, 10 years of music downloading, and every other document/file I've created in the last 5 years. Lifeguard Computers is awesome and was able to recover about 40G of data but it was an 80G drive and was almost full. It makes me sick to think about all the stuff I lost. Don't let this happen to you! Get Mozy or Carbonite or something.


Trish said...

Oh my word Ang! This makes me so happy... to know you're alive in this world! I love hearing about your life! And I'm so excited to meet the little guy when he comes! I too have a feeling I will feel the same as you...whenever God blesses me with a growing child in my womb... scared relentless!!! I love your outlook on childbirth because now I know that you can validate my own feelings when the time comes!

Michelle S.J. said...

Uh didn't even know you had a blog till you left a comment on mine so I hopped on over and went HOLY MELONS! Then I realized you are incinta! So St. George...that was a shocker too! I am eagerly awaiting your insights on motherhood...this should be good.