More Evidence...?

Exhibit B:
After losing Ninja, we found a fun replacement kitten. This is Hobbes.
Hobbes was a freakin awesome kitty. He was clumsy and kindof a dummy but he had a zest for life that would make everyone laugh. And he LOVED me so much it was borderline disturbing.

and Yes, I am talking in past-tense about sweet little Hobbesy. We had him for about a year before he went AWOL a couple months ago. Once again, I posted on Craigs for him as well as blanketing the neighborhood with posters and called the animal shelter every few days for 3 weeks. But he never came back.

But this evidence is not about how we lost another cat. It's about how we named him...by giving up.
When we got him we would call him by whatever name happened to come to mind. We called him Mick for a few days, then Robot for a while, then a few days later Nugget. Or Kahuna. Or Presh. Or Clive. Or Felix. This went on for months. We noticed that he seemed a little confused when we'd switch names on him again so I issued a decree: NO MORE CHANGING THE NAME OF THE CAT. and it just so happened the day that I made that decree we had been calling him Hobbes, so henceforth and forevermore he was Hobbes.

The reason this evidence is admissible is that we are having the same trouble coming up with a name for Baby Boy Williams. I am due next week and our name list keeps getting longer and longer, not shorter. And I feel less committed to every single name on it as each day passes. (I just counted the names on our list. 59. FIFTY. NINE.)

I don't think this is a case of "we'll know his name when we see him." I think this is a case of two of the worlds most commitment-shy people completely frozen by the idea of making a decision that they'll have to live with for the rest of their lives.

The compelling evidence is stacking up against us. We're screwed.


Michelle S.J. said...

I've never in my life heard of someone that can even come up with that many potential names. You can just call him B.B. Williams for Baby Boy Williams...done.

Denae said...

Oh Angie. I wish I'd read these a while ago. It is a little freaky that your cats keep disappearing. Maybe some cruel person is playing a joke on you.. and it's ME! Maybe you should name the baby Hobbes... in remembrance. Although that might be awkward if Hobbes #1 shows back up from his sabbatical. How would you explain that to him?
Anyway, I have full & complete faith that you guys will come up with the perfect, awesome name. You just can't help it. You have great taste! Maybe put all the names in a hat & just pick one. That is a good story to tell. Or have the Dr. decide. Or write them all on poster board & have Ty pee with his eyes closed at it & see who he hits first. Okay, that's all I've got for you.

Trish said...

Ang, I vote for Otto! :)

k8theriver said...

hobbes is dead. my theory is if they don't come back or get returned they have been run over, eaten or trapped somewhere...like the tent trailer. for five days.