Hooray for the Economic Meltdown!

or Why I Need a 12,000 Square Foot Starter Home

It's retarded how much stuff we have in storage, I don't know if I'm ever going to get it out of there. My only hope is that the housing market in St. George will continue its plummet right down the crapper so that we'll soon be able to afford a starter-McMansion.

Minimum requirements:
  • 3 bedrooms (because we have 3 beds)
  • 6 bathrooms (to accomodate my massive inventory of hair & skin products, which I resolved to pare down...but i'm still working on that)
  • a Dining Room in which to put my beautiful, beautiful dining set. My precious. I love it so much. I cry when I see it collecting dust in the storage unit.
  • 2 Offices (or one big enough for two people/computers)
  • a Library for the few hundred books still in boxes. My Library should have floor to ceiling shelves and a cozy place to read. oh, and a fireplace. And a coffered ceiling.
  • a Music Room for our 3 guitars, 2 pianos and my drum kit (coming soon! i hope).
  • a Sewing & Crafts Room for my recently-acquired pile of scrapbooking supplies and for all the sewing/creative projects that I would complete if I had a workspace.
  • an Exercise Room for our sundry home gym equipment.
  • a Ceramics Room for the pottery wheel & kiln I am taking over while AJ is on his mission.
  • While were at it, lets throw in a Boudoir for me.
That about covers the basics.
Next time we'll talk about the 35,000 square feet my Dream Home is going to require.


LeAnn said...

love it. Hope you have better luck that we have.

k8theriver said...

ha ha. you want a craft room.
it is surprisingly hard to find a home without a dining room. we don't have friends and family so we have no use for an extra eating space. for us it was a waste.
i'm trying to picture your dream home with a conglomerate of rooms. once you have kids you'll have to add rooms for them and a craft room. and a playroom. and a bunch more space for storing baby stuff.

angerine said...

Kate, it will probably end up looking like this because periodically I'll decide I need a room for pastry eating or vacation planning or some other random activity and I'll just throw another room on wherever I find a space.

Denae said...

How about you add a couple of rooms in there for when we come to visit, okay? I mean what's another 1000 sf??? If you get a craft room, we'd better benefit from some more of your creativity.

Jason said...

I wouldn't say we ended up with a McMansion.. and certainly not St George mansion standards, but we did luck out with the economy in the pooper.

Our house was much cheaper than we could have gotten it, had the economy been what it was a couple years ago. We probably saved over 100 thousand.

ChiroMcDougals said...

isn't it fun to dream!