the latest gig

See if you can get the right answer...
What exciting event compels a normally sane middle-age woman to leave her children at dawn in order to arrive hours before doors open, stand in a reeeeaaally long line, glare furiously at the women in front of her, spend an obscene amount of money on items she will have to hide from her husband, and haul a minimum of 2 luggages everywhere she goes?

A. Trip to Australia with the Thunder from Down Under
B. Plus-size Lingerie Give-away
C. Rolling Stones concert
D. Scrapbook Expo 2009

Can you guess?

If you said, D. Scrapbooking you are CORRECT!! but you are lame for knowing that.
But I'm more lame because I now WORK at the scrapbook conventions.
My latest in a long, loooong list of jobs is to travel around the country going to scrapbook conventions, sitting in a booth talking about Storytellers Club (the company I work for) and even teaching some scrapbooking classes. Ya, you read that right. I, Angie, who have never scrapped a page, am teaching scrap classes. Proof:
Our booth at the Detroit show:

I have an idea. I'm going to try to list as much of my employment history as I can remember. In no particular order...
  • dog walker
  • Cravings Bakery
  • scorekeeper for city league baseball
  • J. Crew
  • Parking valet
  • Island Tans
  • babysitter
  • Sun Capital Bank teller ("Bank Girl")
  • Little Caesars Pizza
  • phone surveys
  • Hampton Inn front desk (I only lasted one shift)
  • Golds Gym (I lasted 2, maybe 3, shifts)
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • janitor at my aunt's salon-Louise's Beauty Box
  • Navajo Trails trip leader
  • circulation department at The Tampa Tribune
  • resort spa development company
  • server at Chili's
  • server at some place in Logan that burned down
  • fat camp
  • American Family Insurance corporate offices
  • temp-Slot (Slut) Warehouse
  • temp-CED
  • temp-some tractor place in St. Louis
  • temp-The Village Bank
  • temp-some Dunder-Mifflin type office in Philadelphia
  • deputy treasurer-Washington County Treasurers office
  • Salt Lake City Credit Union
  • Mountain Fever
  • Casafina Interior Design
  • Wild Roots
  • and now, Scrapbook Extravaganza specialist! woot!
  • There are probably more that I have forgotten about. If you think of one add it in comments.
It's hard to say which of these jobs I hated the most. There were a few sweet gigs along the way but a lot of them really sucked. I just don't think I'm cut out to be gainfully employed for any length of time. I am destined to be A Woman of Leisure. Please pass the bon-bons.


heat said...

You should write a book. Or, at least post more. I really like your style.
Good luck!

Jaci said...

I love the industrial sized garbage bags hanging from the tables... do these ladies pay to come to the classes? also, why are they all so enormous? sorta gives me a daunting feeling that scrapping causes obesity. what do you think?
ps i cant believe that you havent ever worked fast food- at least you have your standards.

LeAnn said...

Scrap booking??? I laughed when you were working on the res. Now I'm laughing while shaking my head. I love that you get to "travel the country" your awesome!! We so need to catch up.

angerine said...

LeAnn, good call, I can't believe I forgot to put my rez job on the list!
Jaci, Tye asked me, "What's the average age of the ladies that go to these conventions?" I said "A better question is 'What is the average weight?' And the answer is approx 285.

k8theriver said...

HAH! oh my crap! dude?
that is a rough looking crowd. did you pass?
i'm just remembering how i scrapped some pages for your wedding. usually when you look back on scapbooks they suck. i really hope yours don't.
i am curious about the free trial offer.

Heather said...

Yikes! I'm feeling uncomfortable about liking scrapbooking right now. Don't forget your job with that crazy Dana lady.

Shana said...

How that heck do you get a job in a field you have absolutely NO experience in?? Only you could pull that off. You always knew how to get around! (with the jobs that is...you only wished you were a slut)

angerine said...

Peaches, don't feel uncomfortable about liking scrapbooking. Don't even feel uncomfortable if you like going to scrap conventions. Just know that once you start showing up at 5 a.m. with rolling luggage it might be time to get an additional hobby.