I've been handed down a Life Sentence

Bad news. We’re staying in St. George. For life. Gosh. You have no idea how much I hate that sentence.

For the past few years, I’ve felt that we might eventually end up living somewhere in southern Utah. But it was always some far-off future event in the back of my mind, and I hoped that by the time we settled here, I would actually WANT to. Unfortunately, it seems "eventually" is now and I'm not mentally prepared.

For good or for bad (depending upon who you ask) things seem to be inexplicably falling into place for us here in St. George. As if by some divine scheme the Lord forgot to consult with me about, all the pieces Tye has been looking for have magically come together over the past 4 weeks: a local Doc offered to share office space with him, the office is beautiful, the price is right, the staff is trained, he is his own boss, and he has been getting new patients everyday through referrals from friends and family. And Tye is enjoying the idea that he might get a paycheck sometime before his 40th birthday.

Also, as we have been preparing for Australia we have realized that, for it to make sense financially, it would have to be for a much longer duration than the 2 or 3 years we had originally planned. It would have to be minimum 5 years but probably more like 10 (if not permanently). Which means never seeing family. Also, when we considered the (really high) cost of living in Australia vs. all our (massive) school debt being in American dollars and dollar being in the crapper (and not recovering anytime soon) it would mean that a lot of things we want would have to be put off for quite a bit longer.

So I've been going through a "grieving" period, trying to reconcile what I had HOPED would happen with what it seems the Lord has in mind for us. My aunt Louise told me, "It takes sacrifice to live in Utah, but I think it's worth it."

Here's what I imagine we are sacrificing by staying in St. George:
  • A shit-load of money.
  • A beautiful environment (yes, the desert is beautiful but the town is profoundly hideous)
  • Me, Tye or any future offspring becoming a professional surfer
  • Me, Tye or any future offspring speaking with an adorable accent
  • Opportunities to serve in the church in something other than Scouts or Primary
  • My pride
I need your help to figure out what makes it worth all this sacrifice. Please, people, tell me some good things about living in St. George!! There was a time when I really liked it here, so I’m sure I can learn to like it again. I just need a reminder of what is good about it.
Seriously, write me a comment and remind me why I like this place...but don't say good weather, because lots of places have good weather and I would happily move to any one of them.
And if you say something along the lines of "Great place to raise a family" please tell me what EXA
CTLY you mean by that because #1 I'm not really in that place right now where I care how 'family-friendly' a city is and #2 I truly have no idea what people mean when they say that. Are they talking about the schools, the culturally-identical population, the ratio of pedophiles to Prozac-crazed mini-van drivers? what?

Here's what we'll be able to do sooner rather than later as a result of not going to Australia:
  • FIRST!-Buy Angie a bangin drum kit
  • Then-Buy Tye a wicked boat
  • next- a few vacations, a fast car, some Cuban cigars, maybe a sofa.
  • If there is any money left-buy a home, a 2nd home, a vacation home and a mobile home.
Ya, I totally have my priorities in order.


Jaci said...

First of all: get some kids, then these will apply to your st. george problem.
1- Its where your family is and that's great... be near but not have to live with them or stay with them when visiting... you can go home whenever you want.
2- your parents are the BEST babysitters.
3-I would love it if I could take a little walk or bike ride with my kids to see grandma and papa. Or even to visit you or my other siblings... that would be the best.
I love being around people who know me and love me anyway. It's just not the same with Rob's family.
4- what about all of the adventures you can have just a few minutes from home (with your kids)?
rock climbing, hiking, biking, swimming at the lake, playing in the sanddunes, fishing with grandpa.
I know you are not a homebody like me, so maybe none of this is appealing to you, Also maybe knowing that I will never live there makes it seem so great to me. You know, wanting what you cant have and all that.
I am so happy for you anyway, that you finally know what is going on and no more wondering. I am also so glad that you are able to see the Lord's hand in it, even if it's not what you want... trust Him that it's what you need.
love ya!

Jaci said...

oh yeah... YEAH drum set! I will never forget when you played "paradise city " for me over the phone. you rock!!

Denae said...

Sucks! Sorry Ang, but what's right has to happen. This reminds me of our feelings on being in Stl. I don't know much about St.George, but I do know you can drive to the California a lot faster than we can. So there's one. And you are close to Lake Mead for fun times, right? And when I've driven through there the green mountains are pretty. That's what I've got for ya.

k8theriver said...

DUDE!! ok, here's what i've got--
--it really does suck living far from your family. we only live in idaho but it has to be a major trip to go visit. dan doesn't even come because he doesn't want to use vacation time. it takes money and time. we only see dan's family once a year. buying tickets for kids is expensive and flying is a pain.
--babysitters. that is huge. and sunday dinners. we've never had that.
--way fewer things that can kill you. Australia has the highest percentage of deadly snakes. sharks. spiders.
--remembering back to when i loved st. g i guess it was the people and the things we did. so buy a boat and hang out with heather.

good luck. being your own boss is worth a lot. seriously. you are lucky. dan is trying to get to that point. it makes a huge difference once you have kids. and keep taking road trips while you are kidless. and come up here so we can go mtn biking (nice smooth trails) and kayaking (inflatable two-seaters).

k8theriver said...

oh, and serving in the mission field is over-rated. you realize that takes effort, right?

heat said...

I had similar feelings when we moved back about a year ago. I can honestly say I love it now. Wellz is all about building a foundation for the kids. I want to travel none stop. I'm starting to see the benefits of Wellz' plan. Still travel but have a secure and stable place to call home.
There are many cool places in the world and St. George is on that list. We can walk out of our house and be on numerous trails. It's so easy to be active.
My main reason for not liking SG at first was because I felt like Dixie High part 2. And behind. There are so many people that have never left SG and have many kids, huge house, nice car, eat at cafe Rio, plastic surgery. I didn't like the materialistic part. I'm over that now. The benefits of living here are endless. Family: Grandparents, cousins, parties, dinners (like Katie mentioned). Friends: easy when you already know each other.
Chances are SG has what you are looking for, you just have to know where to look.
I think that's great news about Tye. Best of luck.

angerine said...

Yes Heather, yes! I totally feel that DHS 2.0/materialistic thing, exactly like everything you said. It aggravates me. I hope I can get over it too. Will you teach me, O master?
Katie, are you saying scouts/primary doesn't take effort? I think those take HUGE effort, but of the mindless variety, which for me is the most exhausting kind. (show up, babysit, recite a vain repetition type lesson, give them a snack to contribute to their childhood obesity, go home). Bah.

Shana said...

Maybe you just need to reincarnate sex-later-on. (I don't remember how the lisence plate really went, but I remember what we called it) Those were some good times...then go from there.

Oh, and I would so much rather serve in Primary than Relief Society...who wants to be with all the old people???

Wendy Lou said...

Well, sounds like it's where you're supposed to be if things are falling into place like that. Live it up listening to good music on scenic drives, hiking, biking, visiting family, and whatever. I hope you come to love it. Like the song says, "If you can't be in the place you want, Love the place you're at!" or something like that. Let us know how it goes.

LeAnn said...

um...can I say closer to the Lomax's! Sorry you are sad about Being in St.George, but I am thrilled! Just remember we'll be with you on Tye's rock'n boat!