Westward Ho!! and other updates

We have been in St. George since October and there is not much to say about it (obviously, since I haven’t posted since September). In September, we put all our stuff in storage in St. Louis and went on our Victory Lap road trip. Then in October we decided to leave our stuff in storage and head west to Utah to mooch off family and friends while Tye job hunts.
We made a few stops on our trek west. We spent a night in Santa Fe, NM and hung out there for a day.
Then we stayed a couple nights in Sedona, AZ and Flagstaff.

Since arriving in St. George, Tye has passed all his interviews to go work in Australia for TLC. It’s a fantastic opportunity and we are super excited about it. We’re hoping we can make it work but it might not make sense financially (unless we decide to stay there permanently). but Honestly, after 4 ½ months of bland Utah life, and with a Marxist newly elected to the White House, staying permanently in Australia sounds pretty damn good to me. We could be moving there as early as June or as late as August.
Who wouldn't want to live here forever?

Other than getting ready for Australia, Tye has spent these past 4 months working on his Masters hours and treating friends and family. He is licensed in Utah so if give him a call if you need a Doctor of Chiropractic.

For me, it has been 4 months of talking myself down from the ledge. St. George is not my choice and is not where I want to be but I’m trying not to think about it. I’ve been distracting myself from thinking about living here with pervasive TV watching. I’ve found distraction is an effective form of self-medication, although binge drinking sounds more fun and quite possibly will commence any day now.

Aside from TV watching, I've been keeping busy by organizing all my mom’s books, de-wallpapering a bedroom, helping Kasi get moved in to her new studio, and helping Kasi and Michael with this Parade home.


Heather said...

I'll follow you to Australia! We're coming to St. George in May. If you're still there I could use the magic that is Tye's hands to work on my "80 year old neck" (Tye's words last time he worked on my neck).

LoGunns said...

I vote Australia too. and i love that close up of a tangerine at the top. Makes me wish my name had something cool to match it to. (besides Danica Patrick)

Jaci said...

I *HEART* you
jsut wanted you to know I stopped by to visit. this is AAWEOME!
I feel inspired now!