Yard Sales, Eternal Rewards and Dreamy Locales

Yard Sale Day completely wasted my flava.
I Seriously started hating all human life forms. Why do people turn into such jack-knobs when you put your stuff out on the lawn? haha, I guess I should be stoked people paid me for my crap and I didn't have to move it.
But I still had a butt load of stuff to move anyway so I'm not feeling very appreciative. From now on I'm just gonna send my junk out to the Universe (aka 'the curb') and see what good things come back to me.

Denae, Ben & Tye watch as our crap is
deemed unacceptable by the local hillbilly's.

What a nightmare moving was. THANK YOU BEN & DENAE seriously SO so MUCH for helping us move. Ben was there with his muscles and space-saving strategies, and he's not even in the Priest Quorum. And Denae was seriously like 15 months pregnant and she was in the trenches with us the whole way. And extra big love to you two for spending two weeks with a certain Ninja in the basement whose anger-management sessions have not been going too good actually. We love you guys and it's not the drugs talkin. And not just because you helped us move, but for that you earned our undying love and affection for eternity, not to mention a spot in the Celestial Kingdom. Probably. I can't guarantee that last bit, but I'll be sure to mention it to God if he's on the fence about you two. When you come visit us in New Zealand all your pets are welcome too. Even if you decide to stay forever (yay!)

After we finish our Victory Lap, we’ll be heading west and St. George (cringe) will be our temporary homebase while Tye finishes his Masters hours and looks for an Associate position someplace totally dreamy... Preferably some place like this, Tye.

He has seen some great opportunities in San Diego and Santa Cruz, CA and in North Shore, HI. We are closely considering a great opportunity in Australia and New Zealand and that’s the option that excites us most. Given the economy, it’s an utterly shitty time for both of us to be job hunting. But we got on this roller coaster, so HEEEERE WE GOOOOOoooooo!!!!

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Denae said...

I'm pretty sure it was more like 17.5 months pregnant. I'd forgotten about those awesome pictures. Thanks! I can't stop laughing every time I look at them. He looks so natural.
Well now I miss YOU! Nice, nice, nice that you finally have a more public blog. And even nicer that you addressed me in it before I even knew it existed. Dummy. I'm pretty sure that you need to update it again though with more info on your future. please.