the haircut

Joan Jett might not actually be the most accurate description, but you get the idea. Also, I don't have black hair like Joan Jett-- it's red-ish auburn with quite a lot of blonde streaks. Black hair makes me look--as Tye so delicately put it--"old."

I found these pictures online at www.bosshairstyles.com that's right--"boss" hairstyles. I'm totally boss.

This is what it looks like when I get out of the shower...

This is how it looks after I flat iron it.

It also looks really cute pulled back in a ponytail or whatever. I never thought my cowlick would allow me to have blunt, straight bangs on my forehead, but it actually works okay.


angerine said...

my sister saw these pictures and said "sooooo do you have a mullet?" (I'm pretty sure I don't).

Jaci said...