Canon PowerShot Pro S3 IS

Hot damn! I FINALLY ordered the camera I have been wanting for the past year. I found it on Amazon and the price was right, so I ordered it. Of course, I went the cheap-o route and got the free shipping, which means I won't actually get it for two weeks, but that just means for two weeks I get to anticipate getting/having/using it! yay!
I think I'm going to make it a goal to do the whole 'a-picture-a-day' thing which might be pretty difficult for me--I'll have to get creative to come up with subjects to photograph. I don't have kids or family nearby to take pictures of. No upcoming vacations on the calendar. I live in a drab, flat city so no beautiful landscapes to speak of. I have a hubby and a cat (both uncooperative models for posing and patience and whatnot) and a dingy apartment. I do have access to fruits and vegetables--I have a feeling my "still life" skills are going to be put to the test right away.
This website is great for finding the right digital camera for you.

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Mother Teresa said...

Hurry up! I'm excited to see what you are seeing. It's kind of like me, I don't have anything fun of my own to take pictures of either, so I have/get to take pics of everyone elses cute kids. But at least I can post something once in a while.