so gentile.

So I decided to take my last post down in case of misunderstanding. I can just imagine one of 'the bereaved' stumbling across it and thinking that I was laughing at the fact that their loved one died, which is not at all what I was laughing at. My amusement was at the callous reaction both me and my brother had. Maybe we've been numbed by years of viewing AFV. So anyway, speaking of blog posts--I've been neglecting this sad little blog for a long time. Mostly on purpose. I don't have the energy to go into the reason for the neglect, as it has been 7 long days since I've eaten a carb and all my energy is currently being routed to blinking and breathing. Seven days without carbs makes one weak. HA! I slay me.
Here is a little recap of the last few (ehrrr eighteen)  months:
Moved to beautiful Ivins, UT

AJ got home from his mission to Alaska.
Cache grew up and got cuter every day.
went on a bunch of hikes

Dew Tour was super fun
Halloween happened.
went to the ranch for Thanksgiving

had a lovely Christmas.

There were a few trips to California, family reunions, a calling to the bishopric and I'm sure a few other important things I'm forgetting. But I can't be bothered to go find pictures of all that. You know, because of the low carbs.


Denae said...

Wait a ninja for halloween? Shouldn't he have been a homemade pumpkin or bear or duck or something??

Marci*Jake said...

Thanks for the pics. Cache is getting so big, what a handsome little guy!! Miss you guys.

k8theriver said...

way to blog