sunday school is boring

Tye and I always pass notes to each other in church to fight off the boredom. I was going thru an old scripture bag and found a couple of notes we wrote a few years ago that made me laugh. I thought I'd share.

First, a request in my handwriting:
"Tye~ please punch me in the head 4 times: once in the eye, once on the lip (aim for the coldsore) once in the throat and once in the ear. Please? it will be less painful than listening to this lesson. Thanks. "

Next up, Doctor Tye the Science Guy:
(angie) Isn't it weird how human babies are huge but are so dumb for a long time? And animals are so tiny but smart by the time they're like two weeks old. Like, I guarantee our tiny new kitten is way smarter than that huge dumb baby over there ---->

(tye) Humans spend most of their first few years of life learning upper brain functions like communication, object manipulation, and social structure, etc. Animals -for the most part- are pre-programmed, kindof 'hard wired' with survival responses so they walk, feed themselves, etc right away. It's kindof like comparing a calculator to a computer. Computers can be built to be many different things and do difficult functions. Most animals have very few diff. on a whole. The higher the brain function of an animal - the longer its dependence of its parents (slow development) IE monkeys, apes, whales, big cats.

(angie) Correct. The judges also would have accepted "Ya but I bet that baby isn't afraid of the vacuum."


Jake*Marci said...

Thats awesome, I love the notes. But you probably don't have time in church to do notes like that anymore unless Cache is better behaved than my two children.

Trish said...

hahahahhaah! Angie, you are the best! I love that you shared your church notes. Someday I'll be that creative!

Heather said...

Love it! Why does it seem that the gospel doctrine teacher in every ward is the oldest or most boring person in the ward?! Rick and I fight over who gets to take out the crying baby. I miss how funny you two are. Come entertain me in Sunday School!

Denae said...

This is why I love you guys!