That's "Dr. Tye" to you...

Congratulations Tye!!
August 23, 2008

Tye's mom came for Graduation so the Dr. Tye Fan Club (comprised of the two of us) was pretty wicked awesome. It was also very bittersweet because Tye's father passed away only two months previous and didn't get to be there for this momentous day.

Tye & his mother, Karen.

Good-byes to friends and classmates,
Hello THE NEXT CHAPTER (Dun dun duuuunnnnn).

P.S. I'm SO MAD!!! I was stuck behind the camera all day and didn't get one of Tye and me together. I'm still totally mad & sad about that. Sensitive subject. Don't mention it to me or I'll fly into a rage all over again. When Tye is a rich a famous doctor, we'll have the paparazzi follow us around to make sure we get pictures together of all our special occasions.

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