Tye make beeg funny joke

i always thought i was good at knowing if someone is being sarcastic or serious, but for some reason with tye i always think he's serious when he says totally absurd stuff. Probably one of my most-asked questions is "tye are you serious?"
So, anyway we were wandering through IKEA a couple weeks ago, and you know how IKEA makes you assemble all your own furniture--well, we walk past this:

and tye goes, (totally deadpan) "oh, i would HATE to buy wicker from IKEA. Can you imagine how long it would take to assemble that chair!?"

I was about to start explaining that those sticks are for decorative use before looked at his face and realize I'm retarded for thinking he was serious about that. Then I laughed because Tye is the coolest and I like the idea of a store expecting you to thread two million little sticks together in order to form a chair.

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